SINCE 1961


Japanese Panel

Japanese Panels are a magnificent solution to cover large windows and sliding doors that give access to the outside, since they move horizontally by means of rails and can be completely collected outside the opening, allowing easy access to the outside.

There are different types depending on the light control;

Japanese screen panels: They offer light and heat protection with easy cleaning using a damp sponge.

Translucent Japanese panels: Textile panels that offer soft and diffused light providing privacy, both during the day and at night.

Opaque Japanese Panels: Outstanding darkness, offering privacy and thermal insulation.


They are a series of rectangular fabric panels panell

All of the same size, attached to a riel with several tracks.

In this way, the panels can be scrolled down the riel for opening or closing.

To be taken into account


There is also the option of choosing the Japanese panel with a handle at each end for easy access.

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